It is a fact of life that individuals or businesses will have disputes. Many will be resolved amicably, but there will always be some that need to be resolved through the court process – or, increasingly, by mediation. Your lawyer can advise on where you stand legally, advise you on what your best course of action is, and, if necessary, represent you in court.

These are some of the different types of disputes:

Contractual Disputes: A contract can be written or verbal – that is, even if you have not actually signed a document, but you have just agreed to do something with someone else verbally, that is still a contract.  The difficulty with verbal contracts is that it is not always clear what the terms of the contract are. Nevertheless, they are still contracts that are enforceable in law and include rights and obligations on the part of those who have entered into the contract.

Problems can arise from contracts and these problems can often lead to disputes, with one side or other to the contract disagreeing about what was agreed or whether one side has failed to “perform” their part of the contract.

Personal Disputes: If you have a dispute with another individual that has not been resolved amicably, you may well need legal advice about what you should do.

Debt Recovery: Whether you are a creditor looking to enforce repayment of a debt, or you’re found on the other side of the fence, there will be legal issues on which it would be prudent to seek advice. Where the debtor is insolvent or bankrupt, there are other legal issues to take into consideration, on which your lawyer will also be able to advise.

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