Most of us will have signed a legal contract in one form or another during our lives. A contract can be one sentence or a 100-page document.  Most contracts are written, but they can also exist as “oral” agreements, that is, they are spoken and not written down.

It might be to arrange a tenancy, or to buy a property, to confirm employment, or to buy goods or services.

If you are drawing up a contract, it may be prudent to get legal advice. Your lawyer will make sure that whatever terms you want included will be included.  He or she can translate your intention into the right legal language – which does not mean 'legalese'; rather it means clear language that is understandable to everybody.

If you are about to sign a contract, it is also worth considering getting legal advice. Many contracts contain special, hard to understand, conditions, known as ‘the small print’. A lawyer can help you detect and understand the small print properly.

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