Investment Funds (Individuals)

Investment funds range from private equity funds, hedge funds and venture capital funds to real estate and infrastructure funds – and other types of funds are being devised all the time. Whether you are an individual or a business that has an interest in investing in investment funds, it is most important to understand the risks and obligations associated with any investment as well as to understand your legal relationship with investment fund managers.

If you are in the investment fund business, your lawyer will advise on regulatory requirements (both in Singapore and internationally), fund formation and structures (including advising on what is the most appropriate form of legal vehicle such as corporate entities, limited partnerships and unit trusts) and offer general advice on any legal issues.

Your lawyer will also be able to advise and represent you should there be a dispute involving investment funds.


Who is the best lawyer for me?

myLawyer can put you in contact with a lawyer who can advise you on all investment fund issues and guide you so that you know where you stand and can decide what to do next. 

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