Insurance (Individuals)

Taking out insurance can be required or recommended, depending on the risk covered by insurance and the legal, regulatory and commercial environment. The purpose of an insurance policy is to protect the policyholder from a specific loss. Insurance can cover a huge range of risks, including life, health, assets and third party (if you cause injury or damage to someone else) and, for business, accidents, mishaps and professional indemnity, among many types of risk.

The principle is simple, but insurance can be complicated. Contracts contain limitations, restrictions and provisions, as well as their own legal terminology (such as “subrogation”, which is when an insurance company which pays its insured client for injuries and losses then sues the party which the injured person contends caused the damages), which often require understanding by an expert. Insurance also often gives rise to disputes, between the “insured” making a claim under an insurance policy and the “insurer” contesting a claim.

If you are an individual or a business needing advice on insurance contracts or have a dispute with your insurance company, we can put you in contact with a lawyer who is an expert on insurance law.  


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