Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to pay?

The subscription to myLawyer costs S$ 150 per month. Introductory discounts are currently available.

How do I pay my subscription?

By Credit Card. 

Are there any further charges that I have to pay?

No.  myLawyer takes no commission or referral fee or percentage. 

Do clients have to pay?

No. The service is completely free for clients to use.

Who can join myLawyer?

Any lawyer with a current practising certificate can join myLawyer.

How is myLawyer marketed to clients?

myLawyer uses a highly sophisticated internet programme to bring myLawyer to the attention of potential clients.

How do I build my myLawyer profile?

Your profile is your window to the world.  The better your profile, the more leads you will attract. Read the guide on how to write your profile

How many specialties can I choose?

You can choose up to three specialties.

How do I upload my profile to the myLawyer website?

When you register, myLawyer will create three blank specialties on your page for you to complete.  Once you log in, you can edit text in the boxes for each section of your profile.  Please complete all sections and remember to press Save at the bottom of the page. 

Can I edit my profile at any time?

Yes, you can make as many changes as you like, as often as you like.

Do I need to add a photo to my profile?

Definitely. Profiles with pictures get a better response. It’s easy to upload a photo, but if you have any concerns, we can do this for you.  Choose a good photo and upload it in myLawyer.

How does the ‘keyword search’ function work?

Clients will use this feature to search for lawyers. Our search engine then looks for these terms in the lawyers’ profiles. You should make sure your profile contains the terms that you think clients will use when they are searching for a lawyer to advise them.

Will I be charged commission?

No. After you have paid your monthly subscription, myLawyer does not make any additional charges. 

How does it work when a client contacts myLawyer with a request to find a lawyer?

All enquiries are routed through the myLawyer call centre to ensure that the client has conducted the search properly.

How many lawyers will be contacted by each client?

The client can contact up to three lawyers. It is then up to each lawyer to respond to the client.  The client can then choose the lawyer he or she thinks best.

Can I communicate with the call centre directly?

Yes. We aim to establish good relationships with all our lawyers.  

How do I contact the client after I have received the details from your call centre?

By email or, ideally, by phone as soon as you receive the details.