Using a Lawyer

What myLawyer can do for you

myLawyer will help put you in contact with lawyers who can advise you directly on the difficult legal problems you may be facing, whether it is something that affects you personally or in your business. Your chosen lawyer is an expert who will advise you promptly, efficiently and cost-effectively on your legal problem. 

What are the advantages of using myLawyer?

  • Expertise: myLawyer contains the profiles of hundreds of lawyers who are experts in a comprehensive range of legal specialties that cover all legal problems faced by individuals or businesses
  • Convenience: You can simply search online for a lawyer who will be able to advise you about your legal problems and how to solve them. Whether from a mobile device, laptop or desktop, you will be able to find a lawyer within seconds.
  • Choice: You will be able to choose the lawyer who is best suited to solve your legal problems.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Finding a lawyer through myLawyer is completely free. Free legal advice, however, is not available through myLawyer

Search for your Lawyer


The country has announced a programme focused on building up tech expertise for the legal marketplace.