Bribery and Anti-Corruption

Any reputable business that trades with other countries or has international connections must comply with increasingly strict anti-corruption legislation. Penalties for failing to do so are steep not just for the companies but also, potentially, for company directors, officers and employees.

The key pieces of legislation are the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) (in the US), the UK Bribery Act and, in Singapore, the Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA). The PCA is very broad in scope and catches both the commission of corrupt acts and attempts to commission corrupt acts, both for companies and individuals. The PCA may also apply for acts committed outside Singapore if these relate to business taking place in or individuals residing in Singapore. The PCA also imposes penalties on both givers and receivers of bribes.

Businesses must, therefore, be alert to possible charges of corruption and ensure they have robust policies in place to comply with the multifarious laws. In future, businesses operating in the global marketplace must face the possibility of contending with parallel investigations in several countries.

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